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POS System

15th November 2019 – Loyalty phase

Loyalty is running on normal phase again.

We apologize the inconvenience


13th November 2019 – Phone system down

Due to internet outtake, our phonelines has been challenged.

We are up and running again this late afternoon.


6th November 2019

DdD reports running again

Reports are running again.
We apologize the inconvenience.

API running again

API is up and running again.
We apologize the inconvenience.

DdD Reports

We are having errors with DdD Reports.
Expecting a fix during the day.

API outtake

Unfortunately we are having issues with API this morning.
We are working on a fix asap.

4th November 2019

Backoffice down

We are working on correcting the errors asap.

Loyalty fix

We have fixed the errors in Loyalty during the night.
Therefore they should be running without delay.

1st November 2019

NETS operational issue

Due to NETS have had operational issues last night, customers will be experiencing the Dankort terminal cannot accept payments. You shall call our support to get help +45 7011 9100

DdD Loyalty

Unfortunately we are still experiencing Loyalty to have a slow response time. We are working to fix this asap.

31st October 2019

DdD Loyalty

We are experiencing slow response time when searching for customers, or creating new customers.

Operation status

After POS update night of 30th Oct, all is running stabile again.

30th October 2019

DdD Loyalty

Loyalty is fixed and running stabile again this afternoon.

POS update issues

Unfortunately we are having challenges with some POS systems.

We are working on correcting this, and expect this to be done during the night.

Please ensure you system is not shutdown during the night for easy update.

29th October 2019

Issues with DdD Loyalty

We are currently having challenges with our DdD Loyalty.
A fix will be released at 21:00 29.10.19

New Release

Release Notes for DdDPOS v1.9.2.8.

* Selecting a Loyalty Customer from Search using Double Click
* Can no longer use Loyalty together with Debitor Payment
* Fix for Loyalty Stores, they are now identified by ID and not by Name
* Removing Payment Type 864=Loyalty Bonus from ”Manual payment” in ”Alternative payment”

Payment Terminal:
* German Banking card terminal auto detect CardType automatically
* Updated the list of Card Types in German Banking
* Expand the number of days to keep Nets Logs from 30 to 90 days

Customer Screen:
* Option to set customer screen in new format 1024 x 600

* Fix for Italian Fiscal Printing

* Option for using own PDF viewer instead of Adobe Reader
* Option for Article Receive Costprice ReadOnly when viewing lists
* Option for Article Return Costprice ReadOnly when viewing lists

* Can no longer do Click’N’Collect with Sale or Return. Have to do them seperately

* New Payment Types 876=ViaBill and 877=QuickPay

* Option for new max. number of digits in debitor number/id, standard = 10

* New POSUpdate.exe for better and more stable updates
* New ArticleService.exe in 64-bit if Windows is 64-bit for better performance


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